Engine Froze

I got an 06 CRF250R and I recently found brass like peices found in my oil filter so i decided to pull the engine apart. I found nothing wrong so I cleaned everything out and put er back together, i also put new piston and rings in while i was in there. I started riding it and after a few hours it locked up solid. Could not roll it over at all. I took it apart and found that the lower connecting rod bearing it gone. Do the brass pieces have anything to do with the bad bearing?? Or is there more problem?? Also, is it possible to rebuild the stock crank or am I lookin at buyin a new one?


finding brass colored pieces in your oil is bearing material from the crank.. just replace it, ive never had a problem but alot of guys choose hot rod cranks over oem..

I had the rod bearing go out my sons 06. Put a hotrods crank in it and have had no problems it wasn't that hard to do. If your mechanical!!!! Got crank for just over 200.00

for what you will spend on doing a rebuild on your stock crank you could just get a good after market crank , also if you dont already have one pick up a honda manuel and if you take your time you should have no problem. good luck

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