New Vienna update?

Now that the snow and rain are gone (we hope), what's the news on NV? Open, still closed, race or practice schedule?

Yes, I know about Mike the new owner and the past couple of months.

I'm going to take a ride over there later. I've got the WR in the truck, in case it's rideable. I'll let you know what I find out :confused:

Well.....I rode a little over 4 hours today, on the back track. Hooked up with Henry Gref, and his son Jay. The hillside is nearly complete, and weather permitting will be ready for next weekend. They are "open" now, although they have a lot of things left to accomplish. The hillside track is completely different than before, in a good way. The back, or intermediate track, is way more fun than it ever was before. That's what we played on today. They are really trying to consider all rider levels in the track design..........

Sounds good. I know and race with both Henry and Jay. But I won't be able to ride for a couple of weeks as have the CRF torn down, suspension off for work, etc.

Weather permitting, I plan on being out there on Sunday. Hopefully I can get across the river w/the Bobcat and start cutting in and working on the stadium lite track.

I plan on throwing a leg over the CRF some too. It's been too damn long (August 5, 07) since I've ridden on a track and I need some seat time!!!

Rumor is that it's supposed to rain the end of this week. Of course it will wait until Friday, as this is the Mid West and spring time weather SUCKS if you don't like mud. (I'm a desert lover, so I don't like the gooey crap)

I crossed it about twenty times, on the WR :confused:

I was kinda' hoping to run into you out there. Your name came up in our conversation.

Anyone know if they plan to be open thru the week any? right now the website says fri-sun.

The website comes up blocked for me, is there a new one?

I can only speculate, but they DID have a schedule posted on the door that showed weekdays :confused: I know both Mike and Steve have a pretty good drive to get there. That might limit the schedule until they are up-and-running. Again......just speculation. Maybe one of the guys in the know will chime in on this one...........

Here's the link, Moto..............

I stopped out there Sunday evening on way home from Cincinnati and the sign on the door said closed for Monday thru Thursday. Those may be and hopefully are, just winter hours.

You know........I saw mon-thur, but didn't look at the times :confused:

I crossed it about twenty times, on the WR :confused:
Cool! Hopefully I'll be able to move some dirt then.

Hey, wait a minute - Husky rider on a WR???

I was kinda' hoping to run into you out there. Your name came up in our conversation.
My name?? I didn't do it! I was no where near the grassy knoll!

Right now I plan on being out there regardless of the conditions. I WANNA RIDE!!!

Weather's not looking too terribly bad as of today, we'll see.

Look for the big gray box van, CRF450R #258 or the idiot wandering around with a lost look in a Bobcat and you've found me. I'll probably spend most of my time on 'the back 40' (well, more like 10).

I want to run around on the bike and see if I can get a feeling for the flow of the track I want to build - may even take my stadium car out there - but if it's muddy or the river's up, the car will stay nice and dry inside the van. Those things are a total pain in the arse to clean.

I should be there by noon.

Hey, wait a minute - Husky rider on a WR???

I get that a lot :confused: It's a looooong story :excuseme:

I should be there by noon.

I'm riding Saturday, at Haspin. So I'll be taking my son over to NV on Sunday, so he can get some seat time. I'll be in this..........


I may come out to NV on Sunday. I'm going to try my knee out at Haspin on Saturday and see how it does. I don't think it's ready for jumping yet. I may come out and fart around though depending on the weather, my knee, how muddy my bike gets from Haspin and wife. :confused::excuseme:

I wonder if I'm still banned from Haspin... It's been 10 to 12 years since I was there. The old guy that ran the place went ballistic on me one afternoon while running a racing modified Honda Pilot on the big track. Came at me with a baseball bat of all things.

I found out later that there had been a double fatality a few weeks prior to me being there. From what I understood, a couple drunken idiots were running the track backwards at night in a rail, lawn darted the thing, launched one guy out of the car and the other guy got about half way out. The car landed on both of them. The old man that ran the place was screaming at me about "Cars" on the track and banned me.

Has the place changed at all in the past 15 years?

Has the place changed at all in the past 15 years?

Nope, still no cars on the tracks! :bonk::prof:


Has the place changed at all in the past 15 years?

I think so, it's a lot tamer these last 5 years or so.

I was camoping there a few years back when someone had a car out on the mx track at night. They later set it on fire and threw it over the back bone.:prof:

I will never go back to Haspin. Too many drunks, too little control (none) of the situation.

ARGH!!! Make this :prof::bonk::confused: rain QUIT! :ride:

I am so tired of this crap that I'm going to go ;) postal!:ride:

uh... sorry... just venting a bit. :ride:

I still plan on being at NV on Sunday, come hell or high water - although high water will make getting to the stadium track a bitch.. :ride:

I went to N/V today and really liked it. I recommend it! I only got to ride on one track as the others are not ready yet but do look good. All safe jumps and trust me, I tried them out! :bonk: I came up short alot. :confused: The owner is a good dude and I think he's the right person to keep N/V going strong. I bought a membership and I will be going back. :prof:

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