Probably dumb Spark Arrestor question on YZ250

Do Spark Arrestors take away the snap on a two stroke? Never ridden with one and have to add one this year for some of the riding we are doing. If they do, are some worse than others?

Had an FMF Q, PC nature friendly, and now an FMF Turbine Core 2 on my YZ250. The Q took away snap for sure but the TC2 and NF did not. I like the looks and fit of my TC2 the best and it is no louder than the Q either.

I have the nature friendly, and i cant say enough good about it. It's got the same power as my PC Factory 304 race silencer

+1 on the NF...I replaced my Bills shorty with no difference in power.

I had the TC2 and yes it takes away snap. Bike feels sluggish with it on compared to race silencers.

I have the NF as well. Its one of my favorite silencers.

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