'03 450 4th Gear Issues

Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and need your help. I have a '03 YZ450 that I've had since 2005 and had absolutely zero problem with it, until now! The past couple times I've taken it out to ride 4th gear has given me some problems. Once I get up into 4th the bike seems like its slipping, like a car with a bad clutch. The bike rides perfect in 1st through 3rd but you can only go so fast in 3rd gear. Any advice on this problem would be great along with what it would take to fix it and a ballpark figure on parts. Thanks in advance.


If the bike seems like a car with a slipping clutch, it probably has one. If it were a problem with 4th gear itself, your "slippage" would be characterized by sharp jerking, as if the chain were skipping over the sprocket teeth. However, if it is just slipping as if the clutch won't carry the load, then that's probably exaxtly what the problem is. Check your cable adjustment first. You need a minimum of 3mm of free play between the lever and the lever perch.

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