Hatfield -McCoy area question

I've been watching the weather channel, and it looks as tho' some nasty weather has been either right thru the H-M trails area or has been very close. Can anyone tell me if that area has been getting the bad weather or are things in pretty good shape? Planning on heading down there within the next couple of weeks. Thanks for any reply.

Was ridin over there yesterday, great ridin. Except one mud hole,the water was deep enough that it was over my seat:thumbsup:

hey slim, what system were you on? going to gilbert area this coming weekend. was it that slimy mud that you can barely stand on? last time I was there it was so dry that there awas 1-2feet of super fine dust/silt,like riding in powdered sugar. how was your ride?

I was on Indian Ridge,(on a bike) it was not very muddy at all, yes there was some muddy spots but with that black coal dust mud that is very slick but it was not bad at all, on the north east area there are a couple deep water holes and it's muddier in that area but still very rideable

Thanks for the info has anyone checked out pinnacle creek?

Most of southern WV is getting rain. Saturday is supposed to be a little drier. Sunday has a good chance of showers also.

Thanks for the info going to pinnacle creek and indian ridge on fri,sat,sun 4,5,6 anyone going to be riding?

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