1993 RMX 250. Bad cylinder and exhaust valves

Hello guys,

RXM 250 '93 (SJ13A-100184)

Iron sleeved cylinder

Sleeve wall thickness, less than 1mm

Badly damaged exhaust valves

Deformed exhaust valve bore

So... I think it is time to replace my cylinder. The cost of a set of new valves is about 600 Euros (I live in Greece. You know... that little summer paradise, southern Europe). This must be around 1.000 dollars. I dont even want to think, how much is it going to cost for a new cylinder. I think a solution of a whole new engine (second hand ofcourse) would be a good alternative.

What year RM engines could fit into my RMX frame?

Any ideas generally?


i think they are all about the same.

You can use an RM cylinder that will work also with the RMX bottom end!

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