Will 05+ motor fit 03-04 kx250?

Will the 05+ 250 motor fit right into an 03 frame?



I believe the only really significant difference is the head stay. The dimensions of the bottom-end are the same. Of course you'll run into some issues with the pipe, as I believe the '05 and up uses a different connection at the engine.

The engine is designed differently and sets more upright. Look at some pictures of the bikes and you may see the difference.

THe 2005 and newer DO use a different connection, with no o-rings on the outside, like it had been for years.

the 2005 motor will fit but not with the same mounts 05 was the year they redesigned the KX case to carb.

Dont know if this will make a differance, but the 05 up KX frame is an inch narrower at the foot pegs.

Thanks for the help guys. I thought I would be able to pick up an 05 motor pretty cheap but looks like it would be just a big headache.

I know it won't fit into a 125 frame less you have a spark plug that comes out the side of the head

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