Getting my cam aligned to re-install is just not happening

So, I've been fighting this thing all darn day. I just got my cam back from Hot Cams. The inner bearing would not move laterally. They sent me the same cam back after they freed it, but honestly, they did a crappy job. It still kind of sticks when I try to move it back and forth, and moves nowhere near as freely as the stock cam did. I'm only worried about it seizing up again, and I think they should have given me a new cam, it was brand new after all. One strike for Hot Cams, or Pivot Works IMO.

So, the real problem:

I have the right punch mark lined up perfectly with the arrow on my bike. It is dead nuts on. My issue is on the cam side, no matter how many times I slide over that bearing, and move the chain to where I think it will line up right, it does not. I cannot get those two lines to run even with the top of the head. One side is always lopsided. I thought I had it, tested letting the cam chain tensioner tighten up and things looked good. Snugged up the clamps that hold down the cam bearings and, yep, you guessed it, the alignement was off. I've been trying to guestimate, then when that doesn't work, I go off on purpose, nothing I do seems to work.

Also, Those clamps that bolt down over the cam seem like an iffy way to make sure the bearings dont slide. Those half moon shaped things that slide into the grooves are really hard to verify. Anyone else see this or have this issue?

Any thoughts on getting the cam gear lines to line up??????:confused::excuseme: :excuseme: :sweden:

I've found that you can set the cam in place and get the chain on the cam all the way if it's close. The with the tension all the way lessened if you start from one side to the other you can move it one tooth at a time. It's kind of a pain in the butt but it will work. You have to slide the bearing on the cam down so that the cam is not in the seats but there is just enough room to do this.

Also bring the cam chain onto the gear from the back side instead of the front, starting on the right side of the gear(it goes on like a champ).Sometimes you have to antcipate movement of the gear slightly as your rolling the chain on so start one tooh behind or ahead of your self.If this makes any sense.Hope this helps.Your gonna have to get good at it cuz you might have to take it of again if it didn't shim right.

Those half moon shaped things that slide into the grooves are really hard to verify. Anyone else see this or have this issue?

you'll know when the cam caps &clips are right.The caps kinda snap into place nice and snug and will drop right down onto the bottom clamp and close the gap.No forceing.

I found out my main problem. The cam chain came off the bottom gear. I need to pull the flywheel I think to do this now. Is there a way around yanking the flywheel without getting the special tool? I've got the cover off so I'm pretty close. I tried to sit the bike leve and finagle the chain, but no dice. Must go sleep now. almost 2 AM and I'm bummed. Really wanted to break the bike in this weekend.

Hit the Seat or Throttle Jokey have a trick to get it back on without pulling the fly wheel.You need a puller do to it any ways, but those guy's know how to get in on with a screw driver and by tilting the bike on it's side or something like that.

I've done it but it's not easy. It takes a lot of time and patience and about a six pack sitting there looking at the bike. It's much easier to pull the fly wheel if you can get a puller in short notice. But mine was not completely off it was just off a little way and come to think of it the cylinder was off at the time as well.

Sbabs,You awake yet or did you pull an all nighter!:confused:

Sbabs,You awake yet or did you pull an all nighter!:confused:

I'm heading out there right now. Cross your fingers, I'm hoping I don't need to pull the head and cylinder back off, and I don't have a puller so I'd rather try to get lucky. We shall see.

The thing that sucks about this is once I get it timed right, I have to check the valves and if I have to adjust I have to do it all freakin over again. I don't like the timing setup on this bike at all. It's a royal pain.

Try having two cams.Use a piece of wire to keep the chain tight.

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