2008 Kawi 450f the shinizzzle my friend

Just got the 08 450f and it is night and day compared to the 06, wow what smooth transition they have come up with. The mid range is great, the extra gear was needed and the suspention is heaven, I am soo glad I went with another kawi 450f. My buddy wanted me to go with the Cr but I strayed and came back with my roots....soo glad too.:confused:

I nearly made the same mistake by going to a 08 RM450 but because of the delay i traded the 06 KX on the 08 KX and couldn't be happier :confused:

I went for the 07, that way I didn't need to buy the 06 and trade up.

Just Kidding. :excuseme: I found a new 06 still on the dealer floor a few weeks ago that they REALLY wanted to move, but mid way through the deal they hacked me off by demanding - and that IS the correct term - that I pay with cash, cashiers check, or credit card. They would not accept my personal check - EVEN though I did NOT want to pick up the bike until the following weekend. Needless to say, they STILL have an 06 sitting on their showroom floor and I'm motoring around on an 07.

The 08's are fantastic looking. Congrats on your new bike! :confused:

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