Starter motor/charging problem 06 WR450

I have limited knowledge of my bike electrics so I need some advice please.

My battery runs flat while riding, I charge her up & it holds the charge while the bike stands but as soon as I start riding, even with limited use of the starter, the battery seems to lose power as if theres a short or it's not getting charged & I end up kick starting.

Anyone have any experience or suggestions on what to check on this?:confused:

check the wattage of you headlamp (30W?) and tail lamp. Try disconnecting them and see if it helps.

My 06 was delivered with a 60w headlamp - battery would go flat in 2 hrs. Took the shop a day to figure it out.

I would also put a meter on the battery, start the engine. At idle you should see about 13.5 volts, rev'd up, it should go to 14.5 volts. If not, get your manual out and test the stator and rectifier/regulator. Headlight is a different circuit from battery charge. You bike runs on the battery, which also powers the tail light.

Thanks guys I will do these checks in a day or two when I get back home.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Some feedback, thanks William1, checked the battery & eventually got out the manual(why didn't I think of this before) went through all the checks for charging, found no fault but did clean out all the connections which seems to have done the trick & she's holding a charge now.

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