when the guy infront falls off


Ever been going up a VERY steep muddy hill and have a guy on a 2stroke fall off infront of you....

leason learnt,,,,,,,,, keep on the gas,,,, 2strokes and there riders provide great traction


Great Photos.


some cool pics -- but i've got a question for you.

regarding this pic from your collection:


if you case a triple on that thing, well, how can i put this politely... it will take a team of doctors a couple of hours to remove that gauge(?) from one of the more painful areas of your lower anatomy. the resulting enlargement of said orifice will make it all but impossible to be more than 40 feet from a restroom for the rest of your life. what engineer in their right mind bolted that thing on right there? what was she thinking? :D:D:D

the wrooster

ps just finished watching today's match, liverpool will not be atop the EPL this year... :)

[ April 27, 2002: Message edited by: wrooster ]


yeah i gues they was a reason it didnt come with a rev counter as standard

:):D:D What's it like doing a stoppie on one of those???

john its like juggling live eals covered in gear box oil,,,,,,,,,in other words,,''tricky''

I recently got ran over at the local MX track here in Phoenix. The guy was on a 2 stroke bike Yamaha. I fell in a turn and he rolled right over me, from ass to head over my back. Jerk didn't even stop to see if I was alright. I had to chase him down and tell him not to worry about me, rudely of course!


Mark - great pictures. Wales looks like a great place to ride!!

yeah its good fun.

im gonna make an effort to get over to mexico or california and ride there

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