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mod my 50 or sell it and buy a pitster?**help** need opinions

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so im stopped at a crossroads and i got two paths: 1. mod my 50 or 2. buy a pitster pro X4 or X2. the thing is, it is a HONDA(well made, reliable bike) vs. a PITSTER(chinese made, so-called reliable bike). i can spend the same amount of money on my 50 for mods as i can to buy and X4.

i have an 04' crf50 and here is its shopping cart at minibikeoutlet.com:

Red Baron HD Clutch Springs: $18.95

Honda Trail Bikes Super Oil Pump: $24.99

Honda Trail Bikes Race Head, 88cc Bore & 20mm Carb Kit: $320.99

Dr. D Exhaust: $205.99

Honda Trail Bikes CDI Rev Box: $25.99

Red Baron Countershaft Sprocket: $15.15, size:14T

Red Baron CRF/XR50 Aluminum Sprocket: $47.45, size:37T

Regina Professional 420 Chain: $28.99

Red Baron Chain Guide: $61.70

Billetware Swingarm Rebuild Kit: $60.99, for +4 swingarm

Billetware Swingarm: $319.99, length: +4

BBR SP-5 Front Frork Kit: $398.95

Red Baron Complete Tall Seat Assembly: $85.45

BBR Skid Plate: $75.95

Billetware Footpegs: $79.99

Fast50s Aluminum Shifter: $31.99

Red Baron CRF50 Plastics Kit: $94.95

Red Baron CRF50 Graphics: $56.95

Red Baron Cam Cover: $33.20

TOTAL w/ free shipping = $1988.61

waddaya think? any suggestions for add-ons or should i take away something OR should i scrap this and my 50 for a pister? lets see some inputs and opinions! :sweden::excuseme: :excuseme: :confused:

BTW: my bike already has an i-shock, pro taper hander bars with triple tree and clamps, and Michelin starcross tires.

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I'd go the "mod the 50" route. My brother bought a China made bike, broke it in according to the manual and promptly self destructed the first time we raced it. Took 5 months to get new tranny gears and by then biking season was over here. Granted it wasn't a Pitster but that bike turned me off of the "Made in China" thing.

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Stay with the Honda. Trust me, I tried both routes myself.

You're listing retail prices on new parts. I can see your concern when you're looking at it that way. If you're willing to buy used you can save yourself a TON of money.

My latest build was all used parts I bought from the classifieds on Planet Minis.

I bought a BBR super pro frame/swinger/elka-$700

Red Baron forks w front disk and bars-$500

Cyclone rear w Skunkworks billet hub, Sano chain guide and TB sprocket-$240

That's my roller right there for well under your $2000 estimate. Throw in an engine kit and you're ready to rock. My bike handles like it's on rails and it's solid. Nothing has ever broken on me. I can part this bike tomorrow and make money on it. You will take a beating on a china bike. I don't care who makes it or how nice it is, it's bad investment, and you will loose money.

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alright cool:thumbsup: thx guys, but do u think is there is anything i should add or take away from that shopping cart? i can raise or lower the budget.

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I'm not sure if you shop on Ebay or not. BUT, the prices you have listed are pretty much retail prices. Shop around, there are better deals out there.

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