coolant overflow removal

I just ordered a aluminum sub frame and was wondering if there are any issues with leaving the coolant resevoir off, other than having to check the level more often.

On hot days and slow single tracks you WILL overheat and lose coolant. I wouldn't recommend.

I agree with x2,

Mine has come in handy several times on hot days.

The only time I would say its a good idea to remove it is if you dont plan on getting more than 2 miles from the truck (coolant).

Have you ever noticed it overflowing in the past? Are you jetted on the rich side or lean side? How do you use the bike? And a tip for all, only fill your radiator 3/8" over the fins inside. That leaves room for expanding liquid, and if your spew, then you are running hot and need a overflow tank. Mine is removed on my bike and it has not overflowed yet, I do carry a 70 oz. camel back if need and do ride faster areas like the So. Cal desert, and am jetted spot on.

I just got the bike and rode it only a handfull of times but no overflow to my knowledge. I'm converting to a YZ for MX racing.

Phile, I agree that if you can keep moving, you probably won't overheat in any temperature. First time mine boiled was when a DRZ guy popped his shoulder on a long uphill singe track. After waiting for about 2 minutes for the trail to clear, I killed the engine and it boiled fiercly. It was about 98 degrees out.

Basically I have found that if I keep moving, even slowly, it will not overheat. But on a hot day, it takes about 1 minute of idle. Now if I need to stop and wait for the yellow and red guys :), I shut off the engine. Takes one kick after a normal shut-off.

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