Is this legal? I thought it was!!

I've got an FMF Titianium 4 on my YZ250F. I put an FMF USFS spark arrestor insert in it so I could ride in the woods/offroad. No where on the can does the pipe say "USFS approved Spark Arrestor." So I'm out riding and the local sheriff is poking around checking to make sure everyone's legal for stickers, spark arrestors, stolen bikes, etc. He looks at mine and says, "This thing isn't for offroad's a race bilke pipe!" I said go ahead and stick your little do-dad up my "u-know" and see if there isn't a spark arrestor up there....heck, you can see it by just looking in the end of the pipe. He said, "yeah....but it doesn't say 'USFS' approved on the can." But he lets me slide because he says he's in a good mood.:confused::excuseme: So what the heck's up with this? FMF sells this part as USFS approved...but then I almost get ticketed for it.:excuseme: I'm looking to put a YZF pipe on my wife's WR and now think I better by the PMB endo so she doesn't get nailed. What do you guys think? Is this legit?

Usually the pipe has engraved usfs approved. Get a sticker that says usfs or bring it into someone that engraves and put usfs approved.It is BS but what can you do. Play the game and get it engraved.

i was gonna say the same thing just have someone modify the canister, use a frame stamping tool and just punch it into the canister - any dealer should have that tool - if not they are available at most tool stores...

Oh, so I can just stamp 96db on the end of my race pipe and it's legal too? Yeah can't just stamp what ever you like on the end of a pipe. If the can is approved it will say so. I would contact the company that sould you the spark arrestor and ask them what they have available to make this problem go away. Maybe the markings are there, just not easily seen. I'm sure FMF will have a solution that doesn't involve a hammer and a some punches. Besides what happens when the ranger asks you "who stamped this on here?" Try and sweet talk your way around this one.

Stamp it.

Just because there is a screen, does not mean it is USFS approved. Just like because a tire is on your bike, does not mean it is dot approved. Got to have the marking. Stupid part is, the stamping on your muffler could be there and you could of remove the screen!

Wow, you learn something new everyday. I thought you only needed to pass the do-dad in the hole test.

I wonder if that is a federal law, or state law?

for CA

CVC 38366 Spark Arrester Law

"...(:confused: A spark arrester affixed to the exhaust system of a vehicle subject to this section shall not be placed or mounted in such a manner as to allow flames or heat from the exhaust system to ignite any flammable material.

© A spark arrester is a device constructed of nonflammable materials specifically for the purpose of removing and retaining carbon and other flammable particles over 0.0232 of an inch in size from the exhaust flow of an internal combustion engine or which is qualified and rated by the United States Forest Service..."

notice the word "or" in section c

I'm good! I just checked all of my aftermarket pipes, ( we have 3 bikes). They all say USFS approved spark arrestor on them. They are even "quiet" pipes.

I have an FMF 4.1 Ti and bought the spark arrestor/quiet insert, and the insert does have the USFS engraving on it.

I have a White Bros. pipe on my YZ250F and put the insert in it when I go to the OHV park and the Ranger has never had a problem with it. My pipe does not have the USFS stamp on it but the insert does. Sounds like you ran into another tree hugger with a badge.

stamp it, put some mud on it, no one will ever know the difference!

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