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OffRoad Supercrourse #2 - "THE BOMB

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Dear Racers and Enthusiasts:

We 're searching for the Super-MC/ATV-Club. We know some of you belong to a District Club while others belong to non-District Clubs. Still others don't race with a Club but know a few racers. Maybe you can form your own Club for this event.

For the first time we're going to do something "special" for MC/ATV Clubs. This "event-within-our-next-event" will not affect your points standing for your individual Classes. But we are using "overall" results to compute the scores and award the CA$H. Read on...

The "Super-MC-Club" CHALLENGE!

$1000.00 Purse

Saturday, APRIL 12, 2008 -- California City, CA.

Here are some specifics:

Purse: $1000.00! - $500 to 1st OA MC Club -- $300 to 2nd OA MC Club -- $200 to 3rd OA MC Club

SuperCourse #2 is on SATURDAY (10 a.m. start) so some of you can still make your Sunday races.

Each Club must field at least 5 entries to qualify as an MC/ATV Club entry and go for the grand prize. More entries per Club is OK.

Each rider competes in his/her chosen Class and earns individual points.

When signing up, each entry must include his/her Club affiliation which will be included in the computer and scored for the Overall.

While each racer will earn individual points for his/her Class, "Overall" points will also be awarded according as to how each rider finished in the 2-hour SuperCourse event.

The SuperCourse racecourse will be around 15.2 miles long using every type of desert terrain. Later, when the course is laid out, we will "rate" the course.

To win the grand prize we will combine the "overall points" earned by each individual MC/ATV Club member and divide by the number of competitors for his/her Club. The "average" score is used to award the prize. Highest score wins the top prize.

Payment of the prize money will be made payable to the Club's name (unless otherwise previously arranged). The Club can then decide how to use the money.

If you look at our entry (link: http://www.altavistaevents.com/08gp2-e.jpg ) you will note that we have classes for everyone. Ladies and Quad racers can also be included in your MC/ATV Club entry. (This special event excludes Kids Classes.)

You can either send all entries together from your Club or each member can send his/her individually. Important that each rider includes the Club's name on the entry form.

SPECIAL "LE MANS" Start - Everyone has an equal chance to the first turn, no matter what Class you are racing.

"Digital Bomb Run" will be used. Line-up on a first come-first-served basis. Charge the "Bomb" ("Strobe").

All entries must be in no later than April 2 to set each MC/ATV Club as an official entry.

If there are less than 5 MC/ATV Clubs signed-up, the prize money will be pro-rated accordingly.

Less than three Clubs then moneys will be paid as follows: Fastest Lap = $200.00 - 1st Overall $150.00 - 2nd Overall $100.00 - 3rd Overall $50.00.

Each entry includes event T-shirt if you sign up 10 days before the event.

We would appreciate if you would let your Club members know about this event. They can also contact us at: info@altavistaevents.com

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your time.

Lou Peralta




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