anyone make a aftermarket head for z400 ? or go with stock ?

ok i have a 04 z400 that needs a head. on the exaust cam the berring is gauled up real bad so im going to replace it . so i was wondering if anyone makes a aftermarket head or should i just go with a stock head and cams or go with hot cams and stock head ? let me know your thoughts ! !

thanks for all the help guy really appreciate it ! ! ! ! ! !

No aftermarket heads available. Go with stock and either rhc cams or hot cams. Make sure you go with rhc one piece valves in there, don't use the stock valves:prof:

go with the RHC cams , RHC valves and springs .

seeing the heads off it won't take long to change the valves,springs and retainers.better safe than sorry.especially if you want to put in more aggresive cams.

btw- RHC sells a 1 peice valve kit.comes with 1-piece valves,ti-springs and retainers

Assembly of the head is one of those things I leave to the pro's, there aren't very many but that is one.

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