WR250 pop and bog with Zip-Ty jet kit

My '03 WR250 has all std mods done; plus had YZ cam put in and YZ exhaust.

Acquired a low-end bog that I couldn't resolve, so had a Zip-Ty jet kit installed. Bog still persists, plus big-time popping when backing off. Warms up nice at idle with choke, but when warm w/o choke it sputters/coughs and only performs at high rpms.

What I have now:

pj: 42

paj: 75

needle/pos: #factry3

mj: 145

maj: xx115mm

I live at 3,000 ft elevation.

I'm getting ready to buy a used carb if I can't jet my way out of this.... Arggh. Ideas?


What leak jet?\

Did you do the O ring mod?

145 Main is a little small at you altittude, I'd expect 160, possibly a 165

I had the Zip Ty fuel screw in my bike couldn't get rid of the bog. My advice is to get rid of aluminum screw and get one that is brass. I just installed the Scotts, huge improvement.

Just my opinion.

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