Help! Can't get PJ out of the FCR on 07 WR250F!

I removed the main jet and then used a cut off piece of a small straight blade screwdriver to unscrew the pilot jet, all through the little access hole in the float bowl. The PJ is completely unscrewed, as you can jiggle it around, but there is something holding it back from dropping out. I can't quite get a pair of needle nose pliers on it to pull it out, as the carb is still straight up and down. There is so much stuff around and attached to the carb that I couldn't get it to rotate at all. I suspect it is that plastic baffle that is around the main and pilot. All I can think of now is going to the 24 hour walmart and praying that they have a pair of bent-nose needle nose pliers on the shelf. Any other ideas? Help!

Mystery solved. Thanks to Yamaha using hex head screws on the float bowl, I was able to drop the float bowl with the carb still installed. The problem was that the "tower", so to speak, that extends lower into the bowl than the end of the PJ was just a little smaller than it should be, and the threads were grabbing onto it as it tried to drop out. With the better leverage without the bowl, I was able to pull it out.

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