Got my new boots! :)


Got my new SIDI Flex Force SRS in the mail today. I got a really good deal from extreme supply for only $240 and $20 shipping. I haven't rode in theme but trying them on they feel great. I tried on the Crossfires at the store to check my size and found these on closeout. I went riding today in the old ones, befor my new ones came in but i'll get to try them out soon. Extreme Supply had good and bad reveiws but the deal was to good to pass up. :excuseme:

Hope you like them. Have heard some good things about them. If they do not fit well and you send them back, I have some Tech 8's that are almost new for sale. Couple rides and they don't fit the kid anymore. I would let them go for $165 shipped. PM me with your email address if you want me to send you some pictures.

Thanks for the info. I really like the feel so i am going to keep'em. I am from Missouri and also used to live in KS around Olathe where you at. I miss riding the midwest.

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