Dirt & Supermoto Wheel-set options?

I want to get a supermoto wheel set with the same sprocket and rotor as my dirt wheels for my 2008 TE 450. BigNavyRider found a great supermoto complete wheel set-up from GP Motorcycles that cost $1450 and comes with rims/oem hubs/tires/spokes/rotor/sprocket. Here are a couple of questions about wheels, both dirt and supermoto.

1. Are both dirt and supermoto wheels interchangeable year to year from 2004 to 2008? For example, if you buy a complete dirt wheel set from a 2005 TE 450, will it fit on a 2008 TE 450?

2. Does anyone make Black 18" and 21" dirt rims for the 2008 TE range?

3. What street tires (Continental Contiforce SM Supermoto?) are the best for tooling around rough, wet roads in Seattle?

4. If I use the same size rotor and sprocket for both the dirt and supermoto wheels, how long would it take to change them (30 minutes).

5. Besides GP Motorcycles, where would you all recommend getting a supermoto wheel set for my 08 TE 450?



check smj, there a couple of sets for sale, but stock gearing is gonna suck, you'll topp out at like 70

Cool...will do...anybody else?

Isn't the chain the PIA?

Could you figure out 2 different rear sprockets and change the CS without changing the chain length?

13/50 (dirt) & 15/48 or 15/47 (sm) as an example?

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