07 200 XCW Clutch question

I noticed some people have had failures with the 07/08 200 clutches. Mine make a loud squeeling noise under load which is also apparently common. I'd like to replace it with a more reliable setup and lose the aluminum plates in the process. I have a barnett clutch kit (steel plates,fiber plates,springs) for an 05. Does anyone know if these will fit my 07 or if I can get an 05 basket and replace mine?

Thanks for any info...

Those plates will work and a 05 basket will work. The only time my 07200XC clutch makes noise is when I am in too high of a gear for the speed I am riding and slipping the clutch. it will make the "honking" noise. other than that, mine is fine and it is all stock. I do keep the oil fresh and shift mostly without the clutch when in the woods.

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