front wheel question??

I just put my front wheel on after getting a new tire put on it. When I spin the wheel I can here a rubbing sound and the wheel seems to not be spinning as freely as I would think it would. This is my first time doing this and I did not spin it prior to taking it off for reference.

Is this normal?

I torqued everything to spec with a torque wrench. The bike is a 2005 YZ250Any help is appreciated.

Front wheel isnt aligned. When you take off your front wheel, you have to realign it. With your bike on a stand, loosen the nut and all the pinch bolts, tighten the nut down to whatever the torque is, tighten the left (brake side) pinch bolts to torque then spin the front wheel as fast as possible and lock up the brakes like two or three times. After you do that, bounce the front wheel off of the ground a few times then tighten those last two pinch bolts up alternately until theyre torqued.

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