Need Advice

Well I took a stupid pill today and mounted my michelin desert front tire backwards of the directional arrow..... The kicker is it also has bib mousse installed.

Do I really need to turn the tire around ? or will it hold together I would understand if it was a high speed radial tire why it needs to be fliped

any advise or info is welcomed



If it has the same pattern (BI-Directional) dont worry about it but if the knobs are different as in a center knob with a point then you may have to flip it. You never know some people have had better luck with some tires mounted reverse.

uuuugh well I swaped it over... that was fun!!!!!!

uuuugh well I swaped it over... that was fun!!!!!!

You're better off...your buds will laugh at you if you don't. :excuseme::confused:

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