Linkage Bearings

1995 CR250

My pivot bearing was rusted up so I take my linkage and the replacement bearing kit I had down to an un-named shop. He tells me they'll be done tomorrow. No call. So I call at the end of the day. Sorry he didn't get to it today. It'll be done tomorrow. Of course it doesn't get done by lunch so I have to take the extra time and pick it up after work. $35. I feel like I got a little raped there. I get home. Of course all the bearings have only the manufaturers small amount of grease in them so I go to lube the pivot bearings. The collar is jammed in the bearings. I had to pound it out. I check the manual and the manufacturers stamps are supposed to be facing outward. They're not so the two individual bearings are not lined up correctly. Suffice it to say I'm a little peeved right now. If I take it down there tomorrow it's an 80 mile round trip. $20 added to the cost plus my Saturday time. What really pisses me off is the guy had to know something was wrong because the collar has to forced in and he let it go.:confused:

Anyway if someone who has dealt with this before can tell me if I should demand that they be replaced or just pressed out and put back in correctly would be appreciated. I'm not sure if putting them in backwards and then the extra pressing will do any damage. Right now individualy each bearing slides correctly but as I said before they're not lined up. Thanks

I don't think it matters which way the numbers face. It is more "pro" to have them facing outward.

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