Roadcrafter 1pc Too Hot For D/s?

I just got a new Roadcrafter one piece jumpsuit for D/S on my 640 ADV and was curious to get some other opinions.The suit is really TOP notch on quality and safety bling,but I tried it today in the So Cal dezert with a high temp of around 75ish and it just seems a bit hot,beautiful day for a cruise.I utilized the underarm zips for venting as well,maybe it was because of longsleeve shirt I had on?Just curious what the norm is for under suit wear?It seems if it were in the 90s it would be a bit much!Don't get me wrong really felt comfortable at speed,and the suit is real nice,just the overheating concerns me.Any opinions?

Too hot :confused: what is that? I don't have that problem :excuseme: seriously try a shirt that wicks moisture, underarmour type is good hot or cold.

Cover yourself with seasoning, you'll be cooked to perfection in no time!

If you were warm in 75 degree temps, you'll be toast in anything higher. When you start to do a little work on the bike you'll really get warm. If you're doing more Adventure Touring type stuff which I consider back road 2 lane blacktop with occasional stretches of flat maintained dirt roads with optional fire road stems, this suit may be ok.

I'd say warming up in 75 degree temps is a pretty good indication whatever your style, the suit may be too warm.

Try layering. Stay away from cottom. I use Polar-Tec shirts. Here's my set up:

First: I put on a skintight thin UnderArmour long sleeve shirt.

Second: Lightweight Polar -Tec long sleeve shirt

Third: Heavy weight long sleeve Polar Tec shirt.

Over all of this I wear the Moose EXC jacket, it has 13 vents.

On the bottom half I wear Moose EXC pants and lightweight REI long underwear. All these undergarments are not cotton. As Gil says, "cotton is the first stage of hypothermia". It retains water and makes you into an ice box.

With this riding gear set up I regularly leave Barstow in mid 30's temps on the LA-B-Vegas Dualsport ride. I peel off the layers and they easily store in my backpack, not bulky at all.

I just got a DRZ and haven't acquired any real off road gear and so I have been riding in my Stitch. Yesterday it was about 70 or so and I was cooking in my suit. When we were in the woods/ rocks/ roots at low speed the stitch did not move enough air, as soon as we got to the fire roads I felt better.

Needless to say I will be purchasing a jersey, pants, proper boots and some pads- soon.

Thanks for the replys,You know I got this suit for mainly my 640 adv D/S riding,however doesnt look very promising for use in in so cal from june to sept though.On the Aerostich site were a couple of testimonials of how they are doable in the 90ish range,I'm having my doubts on that! Wish they made one a little bit lighter for the warmer weather.Should be great for oct through may though,guess you can't win em all!

I wear my roadcrafter in weather from 25 to near 100 degrees, but only when I know I will be doing mostly highway. If you are moving on the highway it is great at any temp. In stop and go or trails, you will suffocate in hot weather. Get something else for pure city or trail riding in the Summer.

On the road, open the vents and sleeves and maybe even leave it slightly unzipped in front. Buy it LOOSE. Then you have room for layers in the cold and it will "inflate" with the vents open in hot weather and circulate more air. The real beauty of the suit is the fact that you can, with practice, take it on or off in under ten seconds. Just step out of it at stops - even short ones. Mine works better on a dual sport in hot weather because I am exposed to more wind and the vents work better.

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