Sycamore road closure!!

87 is closed from the Bush highway to 188.

  • Event Id 252496
  • Location On State Route 87, NS-bound from mile post 235.70, at SR 188 to mile post 199.10, at Bush Highway Saguaro Lake Rd
  • Duration from Fri, 21 Mar 2008 5:13 PM to Mon, 24 Mar 2008 5:00 AM
  • Description closed
  • Public Notes road closed due to pavement buckle. traffic is being detoured on to sr-188. phoenix traffic can take sr-188 south to us-60 west.

Best you can do is stage at Pobrecito and ride up from there.

Thanks Carl.......

Pobrecito is a good alternate. Lock your vehicle and look out for all the Chinese quads.:confused:

Thanks Carl.

This is an obvious cover up...A ufo has crash landed in the desert and the government is scrambling to clean up the debris..Watch out for little green men.

If it weren't for a short snip on the news last night I would not have known either.

While we're on conspiracy theories I'll see yours and raise that the whole alien space craft crash has something to do with Rolling Rock's attempt to shoot their logo onto the full moon last night with a laser.

We were out there today and the Forest Service will be limiting the number of people allowed in the Rolls. Today it was a mad house because of the closure and tomorrow would be just as bad.

Its heartening to know that our government officials have this under control..Ill sleep good tonite.

Its heartening to know that our government officials have this under control..Ill sleep good tonite.

I guarantee I am more cynical than you, especially when it comes to the gov. But in their defense, it was a zoo. Eveyone that wanted to go to 4 peaks/lower&upper syc/porbecitos/rolls/etc/ were all crammed into porbecitos. Not to mention the lake was also full, and boats weere waiting in a que to get in the water....It was a place to avoid, and that goes for tomorrow too...Luckily I was with some "Rock Stars", who happened to have the Forest Service hookup or we would not have been able to ride our street legal bikes into the Rolls area at all. It was CLOSED to anymore traffic.....

On a dual sport you can get to lower Syc by going back through the housing on the West side of the road before the Bush. From there you could play on the Sycamore side or get up to the Four Peaks road and head for the top.

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