Bike choice

I'm lookin to get a bike just to ride around wit my friends. I was originally lookin to get a ttr 125 but i was told it'd be to small for me (5'7 140lbs). would the crf150f be a good fit? and bein brand new to riding, is gettin a brand new bike a bad decision?

yeah 150 should fit well, are u looking for power or anything? or just trail riding with friends?

What size of bikes do your friends ride? A 150f will fit you nice, much better than the tt-r actually. Don't make a mistake in getting a bike too small, you may even want a 230. How old are you? You may grow out of a 150 fast even if it is your first bike.


I'm just lookin for a trail riding bike and i'm 18 yrs old.

230f for sure then

go for the 230, great trail bike

Well, at 5'7 the 230 may be a little tall, but if your 18 you should already be filled in enough to handle the height and weight. 230F forsure though, you will out grow the 150 so fast. Especially if your buying a brand new bike, you want to make sure you get the right one. I'm asssuming this isn't the first time you've ridden a bike?


I've ridden a few times before. but i'm still learnin.

idk hes 5 7...u can fit on the 230 no doubt... but i think u will just make it flat foot on the 150

Well its simple, go to your dealer and sit on a 230. If you feel the bike isn't too much go for it. Your not giving us much input here, what are your thoughts on the 230? Is it in your budget? Were you gonna get a bike soon or just "thinking" of getting one? Maybe you want an XR 200. They are cheap to buy and only mildly inferior to the 230.

Yah the 230 all the way. I am 5'7 and can fit a 450 on my tip toes. the 230 should be no problem at all. the 150 is a little underpowered for me now.

150 is a good learing bike....230 is a little heavier and taller for someone his size thats not an experienced rider,..not that it would be a bad choice.either..the ttr stock is too small.....if you find one like the one like i have with yz susp tall seat bar risers and 150 kit...and there are alot of modded bikes out there...then it is every bit at least the 150f equivalent thats lighter, taller, and handles better.for trail riding and out run a stock 150f.....stock ttr to small and nor enough power..... and too expensive to buy new and mod..the 230 you wont outgrow as fast but im not much on overkill for a kind kills confidence and and the bbr 175 kit adds alot of power very cheaply when you need it....sit on both 150 and 230 and go from there.:confused:

He shouldnt have to worry about the weight of the 230. Like i said I am 13 and can pick it up with ease.

blahhhhhh get the 150, im 5'4, and i ride a 150, but i know a girl whos 5'11 and rides a 150.

The 150 will fit him but he will grow out of it quick.

I am 5'7 and it is looking kind of small for me. I used to be on my toes a little but now I am flat footed on it.

Keep your eyes open for a CLEAN used bike.

150's and 230's are not racebikes, therefore you can find nice used ones.

right now the market is pretty soft, there are some great deals out there. I have been seeing 230's going for $1900-$2200.00 for 2005 models.

Look for a bike with factory tires and the paint still on the frame near the footpegs. Ignore plastic scratches, they all get those the first time through a brushy area.

these bikes are notorious for being purchased for a wifes, son or daughter that decides that they do not want to ride.

the 230 may be a little tall for tight trail riding, im 5'8 and its as tall as i want . you can trim a little off of the top of the seat and make a world of difference.

the 230 is a little heaver....but the e-start is AWESOME for the woods.

good luck and happy riding!!!

Since the CRF 150 is approximately 400-700 $$ cheaper than the crf 230, i would recommend for your height to buy a used CRF 150 F and then install a Big Bore. Dyno results have shown that a Big Bored crf 150 gives out about the same amount of power that a crf 230 dishes out with a pipe. So why not have the power of crf 230 in a smaller, lighter frame. That would surely kick ass in tight trails, open trails and even a MX track if you do suspension mods.

Have fun choosing! :confused::excuseme:

He shouldnt have to worry about the weight of the 230. Like i said I am 13 and can pick it up with ease.

its not picking it up thats the problem....its riding a larger heavy bike with authority....when you are just starting 5'11 170.and trail my 150 all the time...its a good size for tight trails....esp if you have the susp tuned well and a few more horses....if you like trail riding , you dont grow out of these...they fit adults well,,,,i have a bigger faster bike and some rides a i def, prefer to ride it,,,,,but for tighter one ways....i love the 4 str .minis....its a different kind of fun that if youre into, you never grow out of...

Thats why i am going to keep my bike until it rusts to dust.

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