Noob wanting a 2008 TE 610

Hi everyone,

New to the forum and looking to buy a 2008 TE 610.

This is my dilemma, I live in Hot Springs Arkansas and there is no dealer nearby. Husqvarna USA has no sympathy, they just say "please work with our network." :excuseme:

So, do I drive 400 miles to Texas to buy this bike?:confused:

I work overseas and come home twice a year, for a couple of weeks, so time is at a premium and I want to ride in a couple of days after getting off the plane.

I have some questions about the bike:

It's a bit heavy, 20lbs more than a DRZ400s, with equal riding ability, would the TE 600 kick the DRZ's butt in the dirt?

For short pieces of good road, will the TE 610 get up to 95 mph?

Do I need any special dealer tools to work on this machine?

Is it easy to get parts delivered to the door?

Thanks for the help.

Welcome to TT - sounds like you have a drz400 now so I'll let one of the many people that have owned a drz & te610 post up about that.

Parts are easy enough to get, bikes are reliable, the only tool that is handy/nice to have would be the wrench for the rear axle. If time is as short as you say it is and you are trying to ride as much as possible then maybe stick to what you have because any bike takes some time to get used too, like a new pair of shoes.

Yes, the 610 will kick the DRZs ass handily. Feels lighter, is thinner where it counts, suspension (in the rear especially) is far better, front will break in but may need tuning for your use. Brakes are some of the best in off-road, wheels are much stronger, even the chain and sprockets are top shelf stuff. Same rider on each, the 610 should be the favorite by a wide margin for about every use, seat sucks for long sit down riding but the DRZ aint much better. See Renazco Racing for help or at least a Guts foam.

Do it

I had a 04 DRZ400E that I spent another $4k on so it wound up costing more than the Husky I picked up.... 07 TE610

DRZ had 450 kit, rebuilt suspension Keihn carb, Power now, Yoshi full exhaust, Hot cams, all the fixes and armor... many extras

TE610 is new so it only has a JD jet kit and I just ordered the Renazco seat

MY DRZ could easily give the 610 a run for the money until 50 then the husky keeps going but 95 is pushing it, front wheel comes up easier on the DRZ but I think that is just the frame length talking also remember my DRZ was FAR from stock.

The TE610 will kick a stock DRZ's ass in every way except it is 40lbs heavier so I will just loose some weight. Here is the main difference though, With the Husky I don't feel the desire to really change anything except maybe the exhaust and definitely the seat plus it is street legal to boot. It runs pretty well right now though and the stealth exhaust is kind of nice.

I'm happy with the swap but the only reason I really did it was so I could ride legally to get to the trail. DRZ's can be turned into monsters but the TE610 is a smooth machine and the only other bike that runs as smooth as my DRZ did but does it right out of the box (with the Jet kit)

Another plus.... I didnt start the Husky for 3 months, it started right up and I went on an hour ride with 0 problems.

Great bike, terrible seat.


Thanks that was very helpful. So, a TE 610 it will be, will start locating a dealer tomorrow, will probably be in Texas.

Do I have to get any add ons with this bike, such as hand guards and a skid plate?

I came from riding a DRZ400S - 3x3 mod an FCR carb.

The Husky is much stronger and feels as light or lighter.

I have had it up to 95 MPH many times (checked with GPS) - thats about when I chicken out - bike still had some to go.

The only thing better about the DRZ is the head light and the kick stand.

The TE610 will kick a stock DRZ's ass in every way except it is 40lbs heavier so I will just loose some weight.

Actually, if you're comparing the drz400s (street model) to the TE610, the weight is closer than that:

2008 TE610E- 309.7lb

2008 drz400s- 291lb

So the difference is 18.7lb. Not bad for 200 more cc, a 6th gear, etc.

good overview of the TE610 here, listing the good and bad points, along with owner reviews etc.

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