help new supermoto racer appleton, wi

hey everyone my name is tyler im 23 and this is my second year owning my 07 drz400sm and want to race in the superbikers2 race season. Ive gotten very use to the bike and feel pretty fast on it. i have raced motox quite a bit before. i know the drz isnt the best wepon for racing 'seeing how it was dead even with my yz250f in a drag *** kinda imbbaressing ahah probally gearing? i just miss racing so just wanted to say hello to local riders and had a few questions:

what class would i enter in?

are all the races AMA sanctioned?

removal of "street accessories' how would i want to setup the bike, gearing?

anyone else race a drzsm?

anything else a newbie would need to know

would anybody want to show me the ropes the first race so im not by myself

thanks alot for any help -tyler

drz400sm wont be able to keep up ith the ktm's , rmz, crf 450's im not sure on all the classes i just kow my buddie who races a ktm 525.

Don't forget that USA International Raceway in Shawano has 2-wheel Tuesdays, when you can ride their track. It's an amazing kart track that is perfect for Supermotos. Check them out at

track day at concept haulers raceway in norway illinois april 13th.

check out

some tracks and racing promoters have a drz only class now. might be just your speed. also if you are a beginner the begginer class is a great place to start, they may have more motor on you but the skill levels are the same.

get out there and get your slide on. ski

thanks for the info ski. i may be overconfident but i feel my skills a ready for a 250/450 class but is a DRZ? is there people out there that race DRZ's?????around here? F- it i'll just race it and see what happens haha

come out and ride a track day, you'll know where you sit in the food chain by the end of the day. especially if they have a dirt section. dirt with 17"s and slicks seperates the wannabee's from the riders. SERIOUSLY! then you can have a good idea what class to race in. ski

that sounds like a pretty good idea, then i can some track experiece. i do have a small MX track on my dads 3acre land that ive riden on, but im sure its different on a SM track thanks man

yea i seen that . my voice has been heard lol

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