Crf450 Shock Advice Needed

I have just finished rebuilding '06 CRF450 shock (ie: stripped down, modified valve stacks, re-oiled and gassed). All went back together well but when recharged with 150psi of nitrogen the shock shaft seems very slow to extend out of shock body and does not reach full extension on its own. I am happy that it has been bleed of all air. I noticed that when reassembling the piston into the shock body it seemed fairly tight. Is this normal and is this what could be stopping the shaft from extending all the way under gas pressure ??? Has anyone else had this problem ?????

did you back out the rebound adjuster all the way before dissassembly? also you can get the shock to not extend when its on full stiff rebound as you have no bleed, and the gas pressure will struggle to overcome the lack of bleed.They are very tight fitting pistons.

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