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34mm Pumper Dellorto on KLX300

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Hi Guys,

I've come across a cheap 34mm PHF pumper Dellorto (PHF 34DS). It was from an early 90's Husky TE350. I've yet to receive this carby but the baseline jetting from the 95 Husky factory manual is:

Throttle Valve 40/3

Needle & Position K32/3rd

Idle Jet 58

Needle Valve 250

Main jet 138

Spray Nozzle 258 AB

Starting Jet 65

Accelerator Pump Jet 30

Air Screw 2 Turns

I'm hopng to fit this carby to a 98 KLX300. Currently, the air box lid is off and it will soon have a bigger header. I only trail ride, the temperature range is 60-90F and the elevation is around 1000ft.

So, is the Husky baseline jetting a good place to start for the KLX300. Can anyone recommended a better starting point?

Thanks in advance,


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