How do you pay for your parts?

What's your job? What keeps the YZ's running?

I am the Business Development Representative for a Credit Union.

How about you?

Computer programmer and Snack Master

Assistant service manager of a aircraft maintenance shop with 68 aircraft techs.

Physics teacher.

Service manager at a Yamaha dealer, yah! 450 gal probably has all the guys helping her out also.

local 3 electrician

i wash cars at the florida department of transportation....

good thing i got a YZ, couldnt afford to keep anything else running

btw. im in college, its a part time gig

RN in the ER

5 finger discount!

I broke my foot so I won't be buying parts anytime son. Well, only parts for a Suzuki TS125 resto. Paid for buy my career as a fireman.

I do plumbing/construction (still a kid, there is absolutely no way I want to do that for a real living)

i do chores:p lol but im still paying off my parents from the bike i got last year:crazy:

I am a sole employee for a small company with two owners who installs digital video surveillance and access control. Been with them since they started five years ago.

Bean counter! I use my visa to pay for parts. :confused:


Weekly allowance and birthday and Christmas.

porn star

RN in the ER

I have been a ER sober RN for 11 years.

Other words I hated the drunken ass hats.

porn star

:excuseme: :excuseme: :sweden::crazy::p:lol:

Me too :confused:

You guys pay for my parts...I work for Progressive Insurance in the claims department. Thanks

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