switched to 4 stroke

I just got my new (old) xr500 yesterday. I had started riding on a 92 rmx250 about a year back. I'm 36 years old and don't ride really crazy.

For my style of riding... getting rid of the 2stroke I think may be the best thing I ever did. The 4stroke is way more forgiving. On the 2 stroke it felt more like I had one chance to have the bike lined up before I cracked the throttle opened.

I'm hadn't ridden my 250 in over 4 months and had no desire to. I had pretty much given up the sport. Now all I can think about is riding again.

The 2 stroke made me feel like mabey I was in a sport I was getting a little old for. On my new xr I was smiling the whole ride.

Word to that my brother. I have ridden my buddies 99' YZ250 many times and I just hate the bike. Everytime I get my my 02' WR250F I can't help but smile and gently pat the gas tank and say, "good bike":ride:

man them XR500's are old, my older brother had one year's ago, they're good bikes i tell ya, they last forever.

Having both 2t and 4t bikes I agree that 2 strokes can be harder to ride in certain terrain. For me I love my 450 in the desert, especially on long sandy hill climbs. But, in tight single track terrain I prefer my 2 stroke hands down.

really? i think 500 and up two stroke do quite well in the sand.. much better then any 4 stroke i've ridden.

yup 4 strokes are definately a lazy bike.

yup 4 strokes are definately a lazy bike.


What is lazy about picking up a 260 pound dirtbike out of the sand after you drop it.

Nothing is lazy dirtbiking, just different way of doing things

Drinking beer on the couch is lazy

if you ride a 500 smoker, you'll know the definition of both power and lazy, they lug better then a 4 stroke, are lighter, but man they pack a punch when you want it, in sand, nothing beats a big bore two stroke, 450's have there place lol, you'd be mad to try and ride a 500 in single track all day without being built like john rambo.

well y would everyone switch from 2 strokes to 4 strokes if they werent easier to ride?

because the only 2 strokes with smooth power and ones with over 60 at the wheel... most people are scarred of them, or have no expansion chamber and are gutless.

well, there is gonna be a surge of 2 strokes when i get one and go out and smoke everyone with it:D

lol yeah, i'm faster on my brothers 250F then either my 450 EXC-R or KX 500...

i over rode my 4 stroke, so i got tired really quick lol.

They all have their place. I love 2's and 4's for different reasons. Give me a 2 for the track or for the tight single. But when was the last time you saw a 2 take the Baja?

umm didnt destry abbott do it all the time?

Year - Racer(s) (Vehicle) time [1]

1967 - Ted Mangels, Vic Wilson (Meyers Manx VW) 27:38

1968 - Larry Berquist, Gary Preston (Honda) 20:38

1969 - Rod Hall, Larry Minor (Ford Bronco) 20:48

1970 - Drino Miller, Vic Wilson (Miller VW) 16:07

1971 - Parnelli Jones, Bill Stroppe (Ford Bronco) 14:59

1972 - Parnelli Jones, Bill Stroppe (Ford Bronco) 16:50

1973 - Bobby Ferro, Johnny Johnson (VW Buggy) 16:50

1974 - No race

1975 - Al Baker, Gene Cannady (Honda) 18:23

1976 - Larry Roeseler, Mitch Mayes (Husqvarna) 11:30

1977 - B. Wallingsford, Scott Harden (Husqvarna) 14:37

1978 - Larry Roeseler, Jack Johnson (Husqvarna) 10:23

1979 - Larry Roeseler, Jack Johnson (Husqvarna) 19:48

1980 - Larry Roeseler, Jack Johnson (Yamaha) 12:45

1981 - Scot Harden, B. Wallingsford (Husqvarna) 17:14

1982 - Al Baker, Jack Johnson (Honda) 17:25

1983 - Dan Smith, Dan Ashcraft (Husqvarna) 14:48

1984 - Chuck Miller, Randy Morales (Honda) 14:34

1985 - Randy Morales, Derrick Paiemant (Honda) 17:44

1986 - Bruce Ogilvie, Chuck Miller (Honda) 18:05

1987 - Dan Ashcraft (Honda) 12:02

1988 - Paul Krause, Larry Roeseler, Danny LaPorte (Kawasaki) 11:33

1989 - Larry Roeseler, Danny LaPorte, Ted Hunnicutt Jr. (Kawasaki) 17:53

1990 - Larry Roeseler, Danny LaPorte, Ted Hunnicutt Jr. (Kawasaki) 11:11

1991 - Larry Roeseler, Ted Hunnicutt Jr., Marty Smith (Kawasaki) 13:35

1992 - Danny Hamel, Garth Sweetland, Paul Ostbo (Kawasaki) 16:50

1993 - Ivan Stewart (Toyota) 13:29

1994 - Danny Hamel, Larry Roeseler, Ty Davis (Kawasaki) 10:20

1995 - Paul Krause, Ty Davis, Ted Hunnicutt Jr. (Kawasaki) 19:31

1996 - Paul Krause, Ty Davis, Greg Zitterkopf (Kawasaki) 14:11

1997 - Johnny Campbell, Tim Staab, Greg Bringle (Honda) 13:19

1998 - Johnny Campbell, Jimmy Lewis (Honda) 18:58

1999 - Johnny Campbell, Tim Staab (Honda) 14:15

*2000 - Johnny Campbell, Tim Staab, Craig Smith, Steve Hengeveld (Honda) 30:54

2001 - Johnny Campbell, Tim Staab (Honda) 13:51

2002 - Steve Hengeveld, Johnny Campbell, Andy Grider (Honda) 16:17

2003 - Steve Hengeveld, Johnny Campbell (Honda) 15:39

2004 - Steve Hengeveld, Johnny Campbell, Kendall Norman (Honda) 15:57

2005 - Steve Hengeveld, Johnny Campbell, Mike Childress (Honda) 14:20

2006 - Steve Hengeveld, Mike Childress, Quinn Cody (Honda) 18:17

2007 - Steve Hengeveld, Johnny Campbell, Robby Bell, Kendall Norman (Honda) 24:15

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