Does an 07 Guard fit the 08's?

Has anyone fitted a radiator guard to an 08 TE610?

Is there any reason to think the guards that fit the 07's would not fit the 08's?

When I checked on this with Motosportz, the answer i got from Kelly was:

"We are looking into this but really they need some material removed on the insides to clear the reservoir / overflow tank. We are working on a solution."

And from Brian at Unabiker:

"To the best of my knowledge, they fit.

I have not been ablt to track down the parts fiche for the 08 bikes yet. Checking Husky's website, it does not look like they have done any major upgrades to the TE610 since 06."

Any advice - I'd sure like to get some guards on this bike...

Quick bump on this - has anyone fitted a radiator guard on thier 08 TE610?

Any reason think the '07's wouldn't fit?

Not sure about the TE610 but the 07 TE250/450/510 rooster guards fit the 08 models.

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