Signal lights on a CRF450X?

Okey, Say someone wants to convert a 450X to a street legal supermotard. What do you need to slap on some desent looking signal lights? Also, any pictures of legal 450Xs would be awsome. :confused:

I just put on a Baja Kit on my CRF450x, but I dual sport mine, I don't have the motard rims or anything. It is tagged and street legal, however check and confirm what your state requires. I'm in VA and installed the turn signals that came with the kit and found out afterwards that VA doesn't require turn signals...I might get a separate set of street rims if I could find a set for a price that doesn't hurt my 4$$. Here's a link to the kit I have, check underneath for the low profile LED turnsignal options

I found a site on the net that sells these kits for about 150 bucks less, pm me if you want the link, as I don't want to get reamed for advertising or what not by the admins...




sorry not an x but i say trickdualsport......i did not buy this kit for the looks.......ALL FUNCTION!!!! IMG_3376.jpgIMG_3426.jpgIMG_3981.jpg

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