Mystery wheel ID?

Hi Folks,

Got a wheel here but no idea what it's off of, hoping for help identifying:

Stamped on rim: 14 1.60 X 21, Takasago Japan, DOT 7 78 [possibly mfg date?] J 21 X 1.60.

Conical hub, black, with a steel reinforcement plate that's sort of a 9 pointed star, bolted with 3 10mm bolts to aluminum hub, on the side opposite the brake shoe plate. Also on the brake shoe plate there's a rubber plug in a hole, with the words 'Check Lining' cast into hub. I've never seen that plate or the 'Check Lining' on a Honda, is that common to another make?

Hub measures about 3 3/4" on the side with star-shaped reinforcement, brake plate about 6", and hub about 7 3/8". Axle hole is just under 12mm, maybe exactly 12mm without corrosion. Has a speedometer fitment hole about 17mm.

I may be able to use it on my Honda but brake shoes are welded to drum so I'll need penetrant, and that means new shoes. Can't post pics and no link to a photo site, but can e-mail pics. THANKS for any tips or suggestions!


post a picture

Thanks, James, but I don't have a Photo Host account so can't post here.

Thanks, James, but I don't have a Photo Host account so can't post here.
Go to it takes about two seconds to set it up. Then to transfer a photo highlight the second line copy then paste to the "insert image"on the tt.

Thanks, I'll check it out!

Well, here goes my first crude attempt to attach links to 2 Photo Bucket pics:



Let me know how I did? I have no idea what they will look like so please let me know if too big, too small or whatever? Thanks!

Woops. messed up on the brake plate side, here's a larger image to show detail:


For some reason, it looks like a Yamaha or Kaw wheel. I'll have to look through some old pics to see if it's my dad's old bike or one of mine that's making me think that.

It's trail bike wheel since it has the speedo drive. Could be mid late 70s, Pretty sure it's a jap make. It has a slot for the fork on the brake plate

+2 on the possibility of it being a Yamaha wheel.

Looks like a Honda XR500 front and an XL500 rear '78 or '79 vintage. Check the brake shoes and see if there's a little circled HM logo on cast part of the shoe this will confirm it being a Honda part.

Thanks to all of you for your efforts.

I suspect that one of the biggest clues to mfgr. may be that hole in brake plate, with rubber plug, and next to it cast into plate is 'Check Lining'. I don't recall seeing this on a Honda but can't remember if my XR200R had that or not.

At this point the brake plate/brake shoes on the front wheel, the black one, is fully welded to drum. Tried soaking in water to save brake linings, no dice, next I guess it's PB Blaster, bummer.

So, how about that 'Check Lining'? Honda, Yammi, Kawi, all, none? They're surely Japanese wheels, that's all I know. Thanks!


Yamahas definitely had the marking and the plug back then.

Probalby the drum rusted and is not 'grown into' the linings. Patience and muscle should be able to free it.

Are you able to move the brake arm at all?

Looks like my Honda wheels. Is that a 21"? The one Yamaha wheel I have from that era, the locater for the backing plate to the fork is not in alignment with the axle, the Hondas are. Who knows? You can always measure the pads and order that way though.

Okay, so that's one vote for Honda, 3 for Yammi.

Yes, it's a 21" [the black hub one, other is 18"]. The fork alignment notch is very close to spot on with axle hole, only a couple of mm difference if any.

The brake arm won't budge even with penetrant, to the point of wanting to break the ridges off shaft! Tried with a break lever and other means, no go. I'm going to try to soak it all in water then fire up the oxy/acet torch and apply a little heat/cool cycling, then rubber mallet persuasion. Plan is to shove a rubber plug in an axle hole then simply fill up drum with water through other axle hole, let it soak.

In the meantime keep those cards and letters coming, kiddos! Thanks, appreciate that help!


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