stock powerbomb header - what a joke!!

well i had the back end off the 08 yz450f this morning, and i thought id shine a torch inside the header and see if its lean/rich. to my amazement the powerbomb on the stock header has a pipe inside welded in so its literally a straight through pipe!!!!!

this to me is a complete con. you think your getting a nice good header so you go out and buy just a slip on silencer - and in reality your not getting exactly what you thought you were!!!

how dissapointing.

so i now have a white bros slip on for sale - as my full akrapovic system is on it's way!


Was the pipe in the middle perforated? The power-bomb type headers I've seen have all had pipes right through, but the pipe is perforated.

straight through solid pipe.:confused::excuseme:

The straight through pipe actually has a couple holes drilled in it. The new FMF poerbombs are the same way. The first powerbomb FMF came out with had a perferated core, then they redesigned it a couple years ago and now it is a straight through pipe with 4 small holes drilled in it.

its deffo straight through - i checked with a flex head mirror and a flexi torch.

that's definitely a first. mine has holes.....some small ones

All I need now is proof...

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