1998 RM-250 clutch cover?

I have a 1998 rm-250 and I need a new clutch cover. It was sitting on the side walk and fell over, then the brake pedal hit the side of the clutch cover and put a crack rite through it. I have tried epoxy and JB weld and nothing can stop it from leaking because it is warped and the crack goes right down to the o-ring groove. I'm wondering where the cheapest place I can get a clutch cover is for this bike. This looks like a good clutch cover for cheap, http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/RM250-Powder-Coated-Clutch-Cover-RM-250-99-00-engine_W0QQitemZ170203530760QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item170203530760 . Are there any other places I should look? thanks

eBay. New OEM ones are ~$83. It appears that 1996-2000 all use the same cover.

Cool, I'll probably get this clutch cover on ebay now pretty cheap if not many other people bid on it.

I'll go ahead and bid on it, then, and drive the price WAY up! :confused:

Just kidding.

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