Anybody been to Bluff Creek lately?

Anybody been to Bluff Creek lately? what are the conditions of the trails & tracks?

Gotta be a mudhole. Rains every couple of days there it seems lately.

Just looked on the DNR website and almost all of the state OHV parks are still closed...

im thinkin its a mud hole now.

the quad guys are probably rutting it up nicely though.

we should get a group together for a week day trip before theilman. just think how funny itll be with me on a 2-smoker!!!!!!

yeah, im getting pretty negative about this weather!!!!

i did a little riding saturday, but it was on my gfs bike. anyways it was decent in the thick woods but muddy in the open areas. this wasnt @ bluff creek but by my parents in polk city.

we should get a group together for a week day trip before theilman. just think how funny itll be with me on a 2-smoker!!!!!!

Yes, we least once. But if you make us look too bad with your new ride, we are going to have to request that you pick up a klx 650.


I think a few friends and i might give it a try sat or sunday if its open!

I called the No. on the iowa OHV web site ,and it is still of Sat.april19th.we thought about going to Rathbun ,and we were told that they got 2.5 inches of rain friday. Thats why we are going to try StJoe In Mo next week end

I noticed that the website said it was closed also but a i have talked to a few people that said they went down there a few weeks ago and it was open... so i dont know how often they acually update thier information on the site but i know people have been down their in the past three weeks.

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