WR voltage reg on YZ...one last question

I'm almost done and ready to fire the beast up. One question though:

The voltage regulator has two wires coming out of it. One goes to the hot lead, and one grounds to frame. It's difficult to find a place to mount the VR with the frame doubling as the oil reservoir. Do I "NEED" to bolt the VR to the frame so the unit itself grounds or is it enough to just have the black wire run to ground somewhere?

Thanks again.

unit doesn't need to be grounded - the black wire will do that. It will get warm, so ideally it should be in a place that gets some airflow. I mounted mine to the front of my skidplate (inside surface). the slots in the plate allow air to flow through and cool the regulator

The black wire coming off the voltage regulator needs to go to chassis ground. The housing of the VR doesn't need to be grounded by bolting it to the frame. Try to mount the VR where it will receive good airflow for cooling. On the WR426F the VR is mounted on the left side of the frame just aft of the head tube.


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