Living in Libya, Don't have a flywheel holder, any tricks?


I live in Libya and need to pull the flywheel off of my '04 XR 650. I don't have a flywheel holder or puller. I think I can build my own puller, but not sure about the holder to remove the nut. Any suggestions or tricks on making one or faking one?

Thanks, Steve

light duty impact gun or put the bike in 5th and have someone hold the rear brake. that will do it

Ive seen this done w/a bicycle chain (wrapped around flywheel, then using puller fingers on the chain....) Good Luck!

The brake method works well. If you don't have a air impact gun, put a wrench on the flywheel bolt and hit it with a hammer to get it loose. I have removed many flywheel bolts this way. I never have owned a flywheel holder.

After you get the flywheel bolt out then you need to remove the flywheel. It is on a tapered shaft and does not come off easily. You really need a flywheel remover. It is a large bolt that screws into the flywheel and bottoms against the crankshaft. It is a standard size metric bolt, just really big, like 20mm or so.

I used the old skool impact (you hit with a hammer looks like big screw driver) to remove the fly wheel bolt, then the right size bolt (that what a xr fly wheel remover is just a big bolt) tighten then rap with hammer then tighten then rap with hammer and pop off goes the fly wheel.

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