08 ktm 300xc

i have a 08 300xc I live in B.C. ride from sea level probably to about 3000ft

bike has fmf fatty and silencer no other motor mods just picked up a jd kit the main reason i want to jet the bike is if i hit third or fourth full throttle i get a major flat spotmy local shop says my float could be adjusted to low,

ive also been told once u pipe your bike to get a bigger main jet stock is a 165 the jd kit says to put blue needle second clipfrom the top and a 162 main and advise? thanxs

thanxs for the advise !!!!!:confused::excuseme:

Not unusual for a stock two stroke to have a (too) rich jet and need to be jetted down. They don't know if your going to hold it wide open for 200 yards or 200 miles so play it safe (bigger main). The main/pipe advise you got is generic at best, not a rule.

162 vs 165 isn't going to make for a flat bog, did it do it with the stock pipe? What does FMF recommend for fueling?

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