jetting for xr100

I am putting an exhaust on my sons xr100 and need to know what jetting I should use. I already have a UNI pod filter and airbox is gone. I pulled the end cap off the stock exhaust and want to know if I should rejet. Is uncorking the end cap enough on these bikes, would a new exhaust really do much more over opening up the stock exhaust? thanks. Jetting now is stock and it seems to run great.

My bike has a UNI pod filter and a gutted tip on a stock exhaust. I was running 38 pilot, 102.5 main. Now i run 38 pilot, 105 main. The cold weather didn't like the 102 jet at all, now that it is getting warmer i could either throw a little rc car gas in my bike or throw the 102.5 jet back in. :confused: I am at 150 ft elavation.

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