whats wrong with my bike??

i went out riding the other day a noticed that i had a hard time starting my bike. i figured that it was just cold or something. i finally got it started and rode really hard doing my drills, (starts and turnes). progressivly thoughtout my riding session the bike got harder and harder to start. while it was started i really didnt notice anything wrong. now the dam thing wont start at all. is it my valves? if so how can i illiminate this problem and prevent it from happening again? CRF 250R (2006) ALL STOCK.

probably your valves, most likely the intake valves have tightened up. Especially if your bike is hell to start cold (to the point to where you have to bump start the bike) but once it warms up then it starts fine....thats a tell-tale sign of too little cleareance. Check the valves, shim them if needed, then go ride :confused:

Valves. Adjustment is only temporary, they will go out again quickly. Get stainless steel valves, thats the only real solution.

You left intake valve has gone to zero. Give Ron Hamp a call or go to his web site: www.ronhamp.com and he will hook you up.

PS: wrong forum

no the dam thing wont start at all anymore(when i kick it) i could bump start it but someone said not too. steel huh. ok how much does that usually cost?thanks for the advise.

Most definately it's valves - Honda had this problem untill 2007 year when they fixed it. Probably you'll have to change your valves in order to fix this problem because as it was already mentioned - adjusting will be a temporary fix.

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