what u think?

ok so heres what im working with..... bought a used 2000 yz250, i assume with stock suspension.... the guy who owend it b4 and the forks as low/out as they could go(flush with clamps). the bike like to wash out easy and is a bit squrily in the mud.... i have reset the hight to have the caps sitting about 1/2in above the clamps.... never have played around with this b4 and am wondering if this 1/2in adjustment is going to make a HUGE difference in what i am experiencing?

1/2" is prob a bit too much, drop it through so its about 1/4" through.

ride the bike into a flat turn, if it wont hold the line through and exiting the corner, and wants to push through the turn, turn the reb adjuster in (clockwise) two clicks and try again.

and the opposite - if it wants to tuck to the inside back out the reb.

then dial in comp or back off comp untill the fork feels nice.


if it

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