Service manual

Looking for a service manual for a 2008 DRZ 400 SM. All I can find is for up to a 2006. I guess not much has changed, just tring to get the right manual. What is everyone using?

I would think that the 2006 manual would work fine, check suzuki's site though because i know on most sites like honda and ktm you can download their manual right to your computer.

I have a Clymers manual (2000-2006). Some people knock non-factory manuals but I have found it to be a good reference and not come across any gross errors yet. Between that and TT you should have everything you need for your 2008.

i just ordered the suzuki manual for my drz400s. mine is a 08 but the highest year they could get is the 06 so that is what i went with. it cost me that is a lot of money for a book. i never seen one before so im hopeing that it is very inclusive and detailed.

Check out They have the sm up to 07 listed on their site and if there is an 08 out then I'm sure they either have it already or can/will be getting it soon.

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