KLX250S highway performance

I am looking for a bike in the dual sport market, and have basically decided on getting a klx250. i know a lot about this bike already but i want to know about its performance on the highway.

This question is basically targeted toward people who already own this exact bike and don't want the opinions of others as much.

So, has anyone had personal experience in taking this bike on the highway?

Thanks for any input

Just remember, it is 250cc's, not a 1200cc road bike. My highway experience is basically "only if I have no other route". The KLX 250 is a dirt bike with turn signals to sum it up. If you want a highway cruiser then buy a highway cruiser. I personally have 2 bikes, a harley for the highway and the KLX for the back/fire roads and trails. Realistically, no bike can do both but the KLX does a very good job for what I want it to do.


I have had my KLX for over 3 months and I have used it on and off-road. The street performance is adequate for where I live and off-road it is no slouch either. The acceleration is excellent but that tends to reduce rapidly near 100 kmh but you can still overtake cars quite nippily. The previous owner fitted a very load pipe on it and that puts the shits up the car-drivers I overtake. I've not maxed it yet but I have happily reached 120 kmh and it rides very easily and comfortably at 100 kmh. I am sure if I had road tyres on then it'd be a little better. All in all I am very satisfied with the bike and love riding it. It is comfortable and I feel quite safe on it being able to see quite easily over the tops of cars. Its acceleration means I can overtake without any drama.

Offroad the bike handles really well and is quite balanced. What I have found that it is not as tight as pure off-roader such as a WR450 but the differences I can reconcile with the fact that I am able to use the bike on or off-road. I can't keep up with the 450s on a dirt track but in the narrower trails I can keep up without too much effort.


I picked up a klx250s 2007 as a left over in oct of 07, I'm having a blast with the bike. Lots of fun offroad. On 2 lane- 50-60 bike seems very happy. It is a small bike but ok. On 4 lane 65-70 mph things are alittle tense. My comfort level at 65- 70 is low- I do not mean the seat but how the bike feels. Its working hard and rpm are up there.

Now would I buy another klx? I don't know- I'm having so much fun running enduro trails with the big boys- I keep wishing for more. And I've put allot of money into the bike to get more.

Is the grass always greener on the other side or is it orange?

Read my 2009 or 2006-7 posting above.

Road performance is critical to me, even on a 250. On my KLR250s, I fit a 17-tooth front sprocket for road use. Fortunately, the old clip-style countershaft sprockets and snail cam adjusters make hot swaps of countershaft sprockets a breeze on the KLR250, but more of a pain on the KLX due to the torqued-nut design.

However, you can gear up a bit on the KLX and still be OK off road.

My friend has a strong running 331cc 2006 KLX'250'S. He's blown buy me on the highway just to show up my KLR250. Passed me when I was topping 85, then with no problem at all topped 100mph. He also likes to out drag race and embarass people on much larger bikes. Then again he also has a pumper carb and head and pipe mods.

I've had my geared up and rejetted KLR250 up to 98 mph. Pushing a head wind, the top speed drops back to at worst 65mph. If you gear up and especially add more displacement, you can use these smaller bikes to cruise on the highway no problem. A lot of the nervousness in the 250s and even up to the 650s is simply too-low top gearing, causing unecessarily high cruising RPM.

What the others said....

As an urban comuter it is a GREAT bike.

I ride a few 5 mile stretches small-highway, but traffic tops out at 60.

Two-lanes wide with traffic going 60mph no problem all day long.

But highway it is not much fun, and bike feels loaded down.

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