Throttle Tube Replacement

I just ordered a repair manual but it hasn't arrived yet. Can anyone give me some words of wisdom when replacing the throttle tube? I have never done one before and want it to go quick and easy. Thanks for the help.

Remove the two screws on the throttle, pull off. I doubt the manual will give you much more info than that. :confused: You may have to turn your bars to the R to free up some slack. I can almost always get mine off without loosening at the carb end unless I've got a wide set of bars on - then, you may have to loosen the carb end of the throttle cables. That is a PAIN. If you do not get them "balanced" and back with the same adjustment, your throttle may not snap back to the "off" position quickly. Try to get-r-done without removing the carb side if you can.

Outstanding, sounds much easier than I anticipated. I appreciate the help. :confused:

Go easy with the glue, if you use it, when you install the grip. Too much and it can get between the tube and the bar and you won't know it until tomorrow when the glue dries.

Oh, and if you are replacing both grips, note that the right grip has a bigger hole than the left.

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