Maico 78 or 79???

Can somebody explain to me how I can figure out the year of my Maico? I know it's either a 1978 or 1979 250. I bought it new, had it stolen 10 years ago when it was completely mint, and spotted it on the road for sale a few months ago and the sheriff got it back for me. Problem is, it's somewhat trashed, and I want to restore it to its original beauty.

So, to get the correct plastic, I need to correct year :confused:


You can tell by looking at the rear frame loop. If there's one sticking out behind the seat to hold the fender, it's a 78. No frame loop there, it's a 79.

It's the other way around Mark. 1979 had the rear fender loop 1978's did not

Can you still get parts for these bikes?

Yes! Canadian Maico, Maico Only, Northwest Maico&CZ, AMS racing all have parts for Maico's. Both NOS and remanufactured parts.

Probably your best resource for information about restoring and/or racing a Maico is the Maico chat group on Yahoo.

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