Help Finding Carb Parts

I picked up a Mikuni VM32SS (Off a 78 TT/XT/SR500), but the choke plunger is busted. The dealer parts list says it's discontinued. Anyone have any idea where I might be able to find one?

Try this place here....

To be honest with you, a properly jetted 36mm or even a 38mm Mikuni would be much better then a 34mm on a Yamaha 500 thumper.


Thanks for the suggestion. Checking with them.

when in doubt ebay is a good option..

No idea if these guys are any better or worse than the other link above, never done business with them:

I've never actually checked but since it is a Mikuni it might utilize the same plunger as one of their regular round slides. Might be worth looking into.

"Tuning for Speed" did loads of dyno work on a standard sr/xt motor and found that all the bigger carbs actually put out less BHP than the standard carb, pretty much all the way through the rev range, with or without airbox. It goes without saying that the carbs were correctly jetted.

If the motor is hopped up that's likely to be a different matter, but until that's done it's detrimental.

Everyone "knows" that putting on a bigger carb makes more power but when pressed as to how they know........

You might try

Both have been good to me.

Good luck.

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